• Question: What subjects do you think would go well with a science for qualifications/ do you have any advice? :)

    Asked by Maeve to Yasmin, Tom C, Natasha, Karl, Jemma, James, Davide, Craig, Charlie on 24 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Craig Fisher

      Craig Fisher answered on 24 Jan 2017:

      Maths is basically essential for any type of science. Depending on the particular branch of science you are interested in, information technology, design & technology or computing/programming can be useful subjects to learn as well. Phys Ed is a natural fit for sports science, of course. I also recommend learning a second language, especially if you would like to study or work overseas! The most important thing, though, is to pick subjects you enjoy and find worthwhile.

    • Photo: Jemma Rowlandson

      Jemma Rowlandson answered on 24 Jan 2017:

      I completely agree with Craig, the best piece of advice I can give is do whatever you enjoy 🙂

      The subjects you should take really depends on what you want to do. However maths works very well with all sciences, so I would definitely recommend that.

      Also don’t forget about engineering. If you like maths and science, and you’re interested in doing something a bit more applied then engineering might be for you. The world needs more engineers at the moment! And it also pays pretty well. For engineering again I would recommend maths but also physics.

      In case it helps I took maths, physics, chemistry and ancient history at A-level. I didn’t need the history to get into University (where I did chemistry), I just really enjoyed it!

    • Photo: Yasmin Ali

      Yasmin Ali answered on 24 Jan 2017:

      I also agree with Craig and Jemma: maths is good, and doing things you enjoy is super important. I did Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths, but only really needed Maths and Chemistry to get a place at University to study Chemical Engineering.