Jess Wade



South Hampstead High School (2000-2007), Chelsea College of Art and Design (2007-2008),Imperial College (2008-2016)


A-levels:A-Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Art, Foundation Degree from Chelsea, MSci in Physics (First Class Honours)

Work History:

Imperial College London

Current Job:

Post Doctoral Researcher


Imperial College London

About Me

My Work

I’m making colourful inks that can conduct electricity, then printing them on plastic to make flexible solar panels, bendy mobile phones and roll-up TV screens.

I’m using plastics, just like the bags you get from the supermarket, to make flexible electronic devices like bendy TVs and mobile phones. These are clever plastics which are a bit like the wires in your house that change your iPod or turn on your lights- they can conduct electricity. I make conducting inks from the plastics and print them.

Have you ever thought about what plastics are made of? They are actually made of a long string of molecules, who all join together in a line. I spend lots of my time shining lasers on the molecules to see which direction they are facing. I try to make them all stand in a really straight line so that they can conduct electricity as best as possible.

I’m making things like TV and computer screens using the plastics that emit cool colours of light. We use clever chemistry to change the colour that the plastics can glow. My favourite things we print are the big bendy sheets of solar panels, which we can roll across the desert to catch all of the sunlight and use it usefully.

My Typical Day

I dissolve some plastics and make some conducting inks, print them into cool patterns and look at the different molecules.

I’d buy all of the parts to make solar panels and then take this to schools and universities. Working with as many great minds as possible, we’d design the best solar panels possible to get the sun’s energy for electricity. We’d test them at all the different schools I visit and find where they work best!

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