Meet the experts

Each week a different group experts will be online to answer questions on the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES: Supercharged: Fuelling the future

Professor Saiful Islam | Image: Paul Wilkinson

Professor Saiful Islam | Image: Paul Wilkinson

Saiful Islam
Presenter of the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES
I’m a chemist who doesn’t wear a white lab coat, researching how to meet the energy challenges of the future. [Click through to read full profile]
Active: Roaming expert, available to drop in during any week

Week 1: 2nd–8th January

Oli Weber
PhD Student, University of Bath

Discovering new compounds no one has ever made before.

Olivia Ashton
PhD Student, Oxford University

I find materials to save the world from global warming

James Betts
Reader in Nutrition, Metabolism & Statistics, University of Bath

I am a research scientist who studies human metabolism through nutrition and exercise

Hannah Moir
Lecturer, Kingston University London

I am an Exercise Physiologist & Biochemist who investigates the human body’s response to exercise, nutrition and behavioural change

Mechthild Lubke
PhD Student, UCL

There are many ways to store the energy. Your smartphone contains a lithium ion battery. I work on the energy and power of this type of battery

Paul Shearing
Reader in Chemical Engineering and Materials, UCL

We some times get to use some of the world’s largest particle accelerators for our research in new materials, which is really exciting!


Week 2: 9th–15th January

Piers Barnes
Research Associate in semiconducting materials and devices, Imperial College London

I’m a scientist! I work on new materials for converting solar energy.

Javier Gonzalez
Assistant Professor in Human Physiology, University of Bath

I study how to improve health and sports performance through nutrition and exercise

Tom Ashton
Clean Materials Group, UCL

Post Doctoral Researcher in Chemistry

Chris Eames
Research Scientist, University of Bath

I’m a scientist searching for the next generation of materials for batteries and solar cells

Laurence Hardwick
Reader in Chemistry, University of Liverpool

I am a chemist who uses spectroscopy to understand the chemical reactions occurring inside batteries


Week 3: 16th–22nd January

Petra Cameron
Senior Lecturer, University of Bath

I run a research group that investigates new materials for solar cells, we also make and test solar cells! I also have interests in microbial and algal fuel cells.

Bethan Charles
PhD Student, University of Bath

I’m a materials scientist who loves solar cells, dancing and cats!

Jawwad Darr
Professor of Materials Chemistry, UCL

We develop new materials and discover their properties.  this includes inorganic materials for batteries, fuel cells, catalysts, sun protection, additives for plastics. we use something called supercritical water to make the materials, which is water at 450C!!! now that’s hot.

Jenny Heath
PhD Student, University of Bath

I investigate new battery materials containing either lithium or sodium. The aim of the work is to improve the performance of rechargeable batteries by looking at their components on an atomic scale.

Iain Aldous
Research Associate in Chemistry, University of Liverpool

I’m a Postdoctoral Research Associate studying the chemical reactions of energy storage devices


Week 4: 23rd–29th January

Jemma Rowlandson
PhD Student, University of Bristol

I am researching cars that could one day run off water.

Yasmin Ali
Control Room Manager, E.ON

I’ve been part of a team working out how to get gas out of a gas field in the North Sea

Charles Footer
Clean Materials Technology Group, UCL

I’ve been developing batteries made from materials we could get from the sea.

Craig Fisher
Chief Researcher, Japan Fine Ceramics Center

I’m a research scientist fascinated by the universe around him, modelling materials.

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES Team — Active throughout January

Karl Byrne
CHRISTMAS LECTURES Manager, The Royal Institution

I’m an award winning Science Communicator, recovering Virologist and current CHRISTMAS LECTURES Manager!

Tom Cook
Series Producer, Windfall Films

I make science and natural history TV for a living.

Natasha Simons
CHRISTMAS LECTURES Assistant, The Royal Institution

Catie Williams
CHRISTMAS LECTURES Intern, The Royal Institution