• Question: why did you choose that specific jop? how did you know that job existed? How did you get that job? what did you do education wise to get that job?

    Asked by 14sayerj to Yasmin, Natasha, Jemma, James, Davide, Craig, Charlie on 24 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Charles Footer

      Charles Footer answered on 24 Jan 2017:

      I’d wanted to go down this route for a long time and the more time you spend in the culture or area you’re interested in working in, just for your own curiosity, the more opportunities come your way. If employers see something they like, some passion or interest or enthusiasm they’re always going to be keen on hiring you. Education wise this job has come off of a long road which really started with the choices I made at my GCSE’s. It’s sort of evolved on it’s own but basically has got here just because I’ve enjoyed doing the things that have led here. A google search or a chat to someone close to you will open up lots of ideas you might like and begin your trip towards.

    • Photo: Yasmin Ali

      Yasmin Ali answered on 24 Jan 2017:

      I chose this job by trial and error! My neighbour works in energy, and he said I might enjoy it, so I applied for a job and gave it a go and liked it. I find out about jobs existing by talking to people, I am always discovering new jobs.

      I applied online for my job, and went through a few interviews which I did lots of preparation for, and got the job. Education wise, I did sciences and maths at A-level, then a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, but there are lots of other routes into a job like mine such as doing an apprenticeship.


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