• Question: do you enjoy your job?

    Asked by 314159265358979pi to Tom C, Saiful, Petra, Jenny, Jawwad, Iain, Chris, Bethan on 18 Jan 2017. This question was also asked by coja13112.
    • Photo: Bethan Charles

      Bethan Charles answered on 18 Jan 2017:

      I love my job! I get to spend my days learning about things I find very interesting and doing experiments I enjoy. Every day is different and sometimes you get to travel to interesting places to do really cool things. Just next week I am travelling to France to work with a particle accelerator!

    • Photo: Petra Cameron

      Petra Cameron answered on 18 Jan 2017:

      I love my job! I get to do research and to work with fantastic PhD students, post docs and academic colleagues to investigate new areas of science. I get to travel all round the world. Science really is global and breaks down all boarders – I am constantly learning new things and meeting new people. I also like lecturing and interacting with students as they always ask the most interesting questions and push my knowledge to the limits. Unfortunately I also have to do some (very) boring administrative tasks and go to some quite boring meetings – but you can’t have everything!

    • Photo: Saiful Islam

      Saiful Islam answered on 19 Jan 2017:

      I’m very fortunate that I’ve got a job that I really enjoy: a chemistry Prof at a University working on some fascinating science of clean energy materials; working and learning from great PhD students/postdoc researchers and world-wide collaborators; travelling to scientific conferences all around the world; and honoured and excited to present the 2016 Ri xmas lectures.


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