• Question: Is there a possibility if a electric car can travel more than 312 miles in one travel?

    Asked by 282xmasen25 to Saiful, Olivia, Meggi on 11 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Mechthild Luebke

      Mechthild Luebke answered on 11 Jan 2017:

      From what I know it is still not possible nowadays. The main problem is the energy density of our batteries (you could say, that the battery is too heavy). They claim a maximum way of 300 km in one travel for the BMW i3.

      There is lots of research worldwide in order to meet the requirements of high energy (long distance for electric cars), like on lithium sulphur batteries and lithium ion batteries.

      There are also many more ideas how to overcome the problem of too short distances with an electric car, just two examples:

      Charging streets on the highway. The car get charged whilst driving. A similar approach was done for supercapacitor-based buses, where the bus gets charged at every station.

      Charging stations where you simply can exchange the battery.


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