• Question: Was the energy spent on inserting mentions of 'hip social media' a result of executive meddling or of your own volition? I don't like seeing producers arguably worsening the appeal/quality of their lectures to pander - no one appreciates it. No hard feelings.

    Asked by 392xmasen26 to Tom C, Saiful, Karl on 10 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Tom Cook

      Tom Cook answered on 10 Jan 2017:

      Hi there. I’m sorry this worsened the appeal of the lectures for you. There was very little energy spent on trying to insert mentions of social media. But particularly in lecture 3, which tackled what people did with their phones, we felt it would have been strange not to mention social media. We do try to make the lectures relevent to the audience – which is mostly made up of children and young adults. This is probably why you felt we were trying to be ‘hip’. This wasn’t a result of executive meddling, it was a joint decision between those most responsible for the script – namely Saiful and myself. Hope that helps!


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