Question: If energy cannot be created or destroyed, how was it createdf in the Big Bang?

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  1. I don’t think this question has been satisfactorily answered, and maybe it never will be? If a testable hypothesis is found that provides a plausible explanation it might well raise new questions of causality.

    So far we have the observation that energy appears to conserved within the observable universe, however there is evidence from which we can infer that other forms of energy may exist, dark energy and dark matter, that at present we also don’t understand well.



  1. Space-time, energy, matter, anti-matter, dark energy and dark matter did not exist before the big bang according to the generally accepted theory of inflation (which in itself is still in need of refining). All this space-time energy matter before inflation popped into existence out of nothing… yes that is right… first there was nothing… not even matter or energy, not even space or time.
    In an infinitely small point the universe began to exist from nothing. (Space-time, dark energy, dark matter (if it was in the early stages we don’t know) and dark energy causing the rest to play out. Inflation theory has this despite needing work still and not satisfying everything is accepted by the majority so far.
    Then the rest of the observable universe began to form as we are finding out to this present day


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