Question: If god created the eart then who created god?

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  1. This question is difficult to answer because it contains a number of implicit assumptions that are hard to test scientifically. Perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster might know the answer?



  1. Why should God have a beginning ?

    There are scientific theories that allow for physical laws to say they were always there… why should then if a person wants to accept that have a hard time having the same feeling about a God who is all loving and compassionate (from Christianities perspective).

    Remember… Science and maths will never prove or disprove whether God is there.
    This is a matter of choice of every person on the planet who has and does and will exist.

    Science can only measure what is created and part of the creation. Magenetic fields , energy, mass, matter, (maybe dark energy and Dark matter if they exist)

    So if for the Atheist God exists … he is undetectable, a God who is infinite and filling everything not made of anything material or anything that even means material for that matter, neither energy, neither Dark Energy, Neither Dark Matter or anything of that sort.

    The atheist has chosen to say I do not believe in God who made everything. I know it is possible he IS but from their observations about them have decided not to believe.

    A person who believes in God has chosen to accept the idea and believe God IS and that God is in a mysterious way involved in our lives and existence.

    Mathematics cannot and can never prove its own existence.

    Physics is based upon pre-existing assumptions so the laws of physics are based upon unproven facts. You learn this if you study the first year of quantum mechanics at university.

    The Christian idea is God Has Is and Always existed.

    It is ultimately a choice in choosing to begin a relationship. One chooses to begin to Love or chooses against this.
    It is also very important for it is a desire for the search for truth. The truth cannot be in money, or material things, or vanity but something related to Love. So Truth is related to Love.
    I don’t know what an atheist would define as Love, and agnostic would describe it in various ways, a Christian would say Love is the way God relates to his creation and how we try to related to each other in imitation of that.


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