• Question: Why compare the energy used to power the lecture to AA batteries? For a start, they are AA cells, you do not state whether they are Zinc/Carbon or Alkaline so could be a factor of 10 out, and you do not state for how long they are needed for.

    Asked by Anon to Bethan, Hannah, Javier, Jenny, Laurence, Saiful on 6 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Saiful Islam

      Saiful Islam answered on 6 Jan 2017:

      You raise fair points. In general, the lectures were aimed at roughly 12-14 year olds and the production team didn’t want it to be just an academic lecture with lots of units flying about.

      With that in mind, we wanted to show RELATIVE amounts of energy by using something that most people are familiar with – hence AA batteries – which we discussed with teachers and had good feedback. Of course, we recognise the different types of AA cells. Nevertheless, it was the relative energy proportions for the different processes or technologies we wanted to get across.


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