• Question: Can the eneergy atoms and particles create when they collide (like the suns atoms do) be used on a smaller scale like charging your phone while on the go?

    Asked by 434xmasen25 to Saiful, Paul, Olivia, Oli, Meggi on 4 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Paul Shearing

      Paul Shearing answered on 4 Jan 2017:

      A nuclear fusion reactor tries to recreate the processes that occur in stars to create energy, but so far the energy you need to put into this process to create the right conditions for fusion, is greater than the energy you get out.

      As the fusion process happens under very extreme conditions of temperature and pressures, its extremely unlikely it will ever be applicable to small scale energy generation (say for a single phone, or car) – however if we can get fusion to work to power the electricity grid, then many scientists and engineers hope that there will be abundant cheap, and clean energy that you can use to charge up your batteries!


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