Question: If energy can neither be created nor destroyed does that mean that cannot be a beginning nor an end to the universe?

  1. This is one of the main questions Stephen Hawking made many theories about. I am not an expert here, but some quantum equations indeed claim that there is no beginning. I guess, we are still far away from understanding this.



  1. some theories suggest the slowing down of the constant of the speed of light, others say imaginary time, for the period before the universe existed, others imply membrane theory for the collision of two membranes that made the universe. So far inflation implies energy and space-time popped into existence from nothing… absolutely nothing. In relativistic quauntum mechanics there are creation and anihilation operators in the mathematics for the particles of matter but I don’t think they are applicable to the universe, just photons i think when being absorbed. The thing is the quantum mechanical rules are defined according to the understanding someone has on a theory so it doesn’t mean that because the mathematics says so it is. But relativistic quantum mechanics did imply and predict antimatter in the equations when the square root of some of the equations was taken due to the root of a positive number giving two signs as answers implying anti-matter.


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