The 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES – Supercharged: Fuelling the future

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES at the Royal Institution have been inspiring generations of budding scientists since the first lectures in 1825. This year, Saiful Islam, a Professor of Materials Chemistry, will illuminate something invisible that drives everything around us, from our bodies to mobile phones, from aeroplanes to all the stars in the universe… ENERGY.

I would like to ignite a spark of excitement and a deeper understanding of energy. I also want children to understand that the pursuit of science is the proper way to unravel the mysteries of the world around us and is full of beauty and exciting discovery. And for viewers of all ages, I’d like people to understand that materials chemistry plays a crucial role in developing new, clean energy technologies, one of the biggest challenges facing our society today.

– Saiful Islam

In the past three years, I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, and I’m an Astronaut have joined forces with the Ri to give school students and the public the chance to ask questions inspired by the lectures. This year, once again, it’s the turn of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!


Professor Saiful Islam | Image: Paul Wlikinson

Professor Saiful Islam | Image: Paul Wlikinson

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES and I’m a Scientist

The lectures will be aired on BBC FOUR over the festive period and will then be available to watch on BBC iPlayer and then on the Ri Channel from January 2017.

From December through to the end of January 2017 students and the public will be able to log in to ask any questions inspired by the Supercharged: Fuelling the future lectures. We’ll have a team of scientists, researchers, engineers, and experts, including Saiful, online answering questions, and taking part in live chats with schools all over the UK.

Take part in the CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone

Teachers — Take part in a live chat with your students: If you’ve applied to take part in any of the I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, or I’m an Astronaut events, you’ll get an email in November asking if you’d like to register your students for the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone. If you’ve not already applied, head over to

Help answer questions from school students and the public: Does your work or research relate to the theme of ENERGY? If you’d like to join the team of experts answering questions from school students and the public, email us at, with your details and a couple of sentences describing your work and how it relates to the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

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